Redwood Lumber

We are now stocking dimensioned Redwood lumber in various sizes (see below). Most of our Redwood is available in Clear All Heart (CAH) grade, which is knot and sapwood free. We also stock 4×4 and 6×6 in a Construction Heart Select (Con Heart Select) grade which will have knots, but no sapwood.

Redwood is very similar to Western Red Cedar for insect and rot resistance, but has the added benefit of being ground contact rated. So unlike Western Red Cedar, you can place Redwood directly on or in the ground without fear of rotting. This benefit only applies to the heartwood of Redwood, not the sapwood- this is why we are only stocking heartwood grades.

Clear Redwood, like Western Red Cedar, comes in random lengths from 8′ to 20′. We may have a limited ability to provide specified lengths. All sizes are surfaced on all sides (S4S) and have a smooth finish.

Available Sizes:

1×4 CAH2×4 CAH4×4 CAH6×6 Con Heart Select
1×6 CAH2×6 CAH4×4 Con Heart Select
1×8 CAH2×8 CAH
1×10 CAH
1×12 CAH