QuietRock Soundproof Drywall

QuietRock Soundproof Drywall is the top selling sound damping drywall in North America and continues to save builders money and exceed expectations in ease of use, reliability and proven results.

QuietRock is THX-certified and replaces older techniques such as resilient channels, clips, soundboard and vinyl and offers lower cost solutions than other methods with higher STC (Sound Transmission Class) performance. Its unique patent-pending constrained-layer internal damping reduces sound waves and vibration unlike any other construction material on the market today.

It hangs and finishes just like standard drywall — and a single sheet is equivalent to eight layers of standard drywall! It’s a lower total cost than other methods — less labor for installation, re-work costs, materials, floor space and liability. Plus, it cannot be short-circuited like other methods — it maintains its designed STC value even after a customer hangs a picture, a bookcase… get the idea?