Douglas Fir

About Douglas Fir

Douglas fir is one of the most widely known wood species throughout the world. Named after the Scottish botanist David Douglas, this evergreen tree is mostly found in northwest regions of North America, typically along the Pacific Coast. Douglas fir trees can attain heights of 400 feet or higher, and it’s also one of the most common types of Christmas trees.

Douglas Fir Appearance

This versatile wood is typically a light brown shade with hints of red and/or yellow, and its grain is usually either flat or vertical. The color may vary depending on the tree’s age and its original location. At Middletown Lumber, builders and other customers can order boards and posts in various lengths and widths. Please take a look at the lengths we have available before ordering, and if there’s a length you don’t see, contact us for custom cutting or other special orders.

Benefits Of Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir has many advantages, and perhaps the most notable is its strength. It’s primarily used for building and construction for this reason. Some types tend to be resistant to abrasions, making it suitable in places where wear may be a factor.

For its weight, and the fact that it’s a softwood, Douglas fir is quite stiff and strong, and is among the hardest and heaviest softwoods available in North America.

Douglas fir is often used in framing applications along with hemlock and spruce woods. Sometimes these types of lumbers are sold as hem fir or SPF (spruce-pine-fir). This type of lumber is often graded for structural performance, so builders can choose a higher grade of lumber depending on their needs.

This wood is also a great all-around choice for studs and beams in new housing construction projects. It can be stained and finished as well to enhance its longevity and appearance.

Since Douglas fir trees are quite tall, it’s a popular choice for contractors and builders who need lengthy boards for constructing frames and exposed beams. Its rustic appearance and texture make it an excellent choice for flooring, exterior siding, and interior paneling, which can provide a log cabin-like effect.

Other Considerations When Choosing Douglas Fir Lumber

Although Douglas fir is quite durable, it is a softwood that is derived from the Hemlock tree, and so it’s softer than comparable hardwoods. This means that care must be taken in its milling, handling, and transporting.

Middletown Lumber, Your Local Douglas Fir Supplier

Whether you’re a contractor redoing a floor for a home remodel, or you’re a builder looking for lengthy, strong boards to serve as exposed support beams, look no further than Middletown Lumber in Middletown, Pennsylvania. We take pride in providing custom cutting, milling, and quick delivery services for our customers. Give us a call at 717-944-4005 to find out how we can help you with your construction project. 

Douglas Fir C&Btr VG KD S4S
1x4x8, 1x4x12, 1x6x8, 1x6x12, 1x8x8, 1x8x12
Douglas Fir C&Btr MG KD S4S
2x4x8, 2x4x12, 2x6x8, 2x6x12, 4x4x8, 4x4x12
Douglas Fir #1&Btr Structural Knotty KD FOHC
Douglas Fir #1Btr Structural Knotty KD FOHC
6x6x8, 6x6x12