Middletown Lumber Services

At Middletown Lumber we are very professional about the way we pick your order…bundle it…handle it…and place it on your property. Our trucks are an extension of the professionalism that we believe in here at the yard. Sometimes it is much easier to let someone take care of your order from start to finish.

Custom Millwork is another value service at Middletown Lumber, Inc. We do custom millwork on site. Of all types. It could be as simple as cutting a piece of plywood on our panel saw or duplicate a piece of moulding. When you have been in business as long as we have, it’s easy to understand how we’ve managed to accumulate and build a collection of steel knives to duplicate moulding no longer in use today. Chances are pretty good that we can match your profile if not we can order a set of knives to duplicate what you need. Or it could be as complicated as running a series of patterned stock for a custom home. If you’ve hit a road block, feel free to give us a try.

We can also offer a list of reputable contractors that have been coming to Middletown Lumber Inc. for years. They appreciate our referrals and always contact you in a timely and professional way.