NuScape Rubber Mulch

NuScape rubber mulch is the perfect loose-fill groundcover for playgrounds and landscaping! It saves time and money… doesn’t support the growth of fungus… doesn't attract insects… is color fast… has no foul odor… and more!


ell here you are. Middletown Lumber. As you can probably already tell, we’re a bit out of the mainstream when it comes to lumber yards and home centers. Come to think of it… we’re pretty much out of the mainstream when it comes to most businesses! We invite you to pore thru this site and discover a range of products and services that separate us from the competition. If you have any questions, please call us at 717-944-4005. Oh… and don’t forget to take the 50¢ tour!


Western Red Cedar

Quick Delivery

Silent Cinema

Western Red Cedar has and continues to be a major part of our business. As a matter of fact, we’re willing to bet we have the deepest inventory of any lumber yard in PA… More…

We always wonder what goes thru people’s minds when they start thinking about the delivery of their order. Here at Middletown Lumber we’re very professional… More…

This is a short movie from the introduction of our previous website… our customers loved it so much, we decided to keep it! We hope you enjoy it as well! More…

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