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ou know we’ve always had an uncanny eye for new building products that excite us. With cutting edge technology. Environmentally friendly that incorporates green technology. Well EnGuard Insulation hit this one out of the ball park. It’s GlassFree Insulation Technology.

What person in their right mind likes installing fiberglass insulation? Especially on a nice, hot, humid sultry summer day? Can I see a show of hands? That’s what I thought. Zero. Nada. Installing fiberglass insulation requires wearing deep space suits to work with it so you don’t inhale fiberglass dust and itch like hell.

I remember when I was a kid my father always ordered tractor trailers of insulation for the fall that would come in during the summer months. Back then we unloaded everything by hand. You want to talk about a hot, hellish job when you’re 13 years old!

For 37 years we’ve stayed away from insulation until now. EnGuard is a special product. It’s about to revolutionize the way homeowners, builders and especially remodelers insulate their projects It’s about twice the price of fiberglass but in about four years you’ll recoup your investment in energy savings! And continue to enjoy energy savings well into the future.

EnGuard is made from 50% recycled plastic water and soda bottles. They turn the bottles into flakes and spin these flakes into polyester fiber. Then these fibers are encapsulated with a plastic coating that has a lower melting point than the polyester fiber.

The other 50% of EnGuard is made from virgin polyester fibers. These fibers are also encapsulated with the same plastic coating as the recycled material. Then the two types of polyester fiber are “weaved” together on a loom like machine developed by Vita Nonwovens… the largest supplier of hypoallergenic bedding material to mattress manufacturers in the country.

After the two fibers have been “weaved” together the batts of insulation are run through gas convection ovens and cooling tunnels that create insulation that is truly amazing. Say bye-bye to itchy fiberglass insulation. Bye-bye to skin irritation. Bye-bye to deep space suits and respirators. Bye-bye to formaldehyde. Bye-bye to fiberglass particles floating in the air. The fibers found in EnGuard are the same ones found in baby diapers and bed linen so they’re hypoallergenic.

EnGuard doesn’t absorb water. It never loses its R-Value like fiberglass because it never breaks down. It doesn’t compress like fiberglass so there’s no loss in energy efficiency. I use a small piece of it for a pillow when I take a siesta here at the lumber yard and it springs right back to its original thickness! Am I excited? You bet. EnGuard Insulation… a great product with a great future!

Details, Details, Details

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